Associate Membership

MCR Associate Membership form

Associate Membership of the MCR may be granted to:

i) Former members of the College engaged in postgraduate or postdoctoral work in Cambridge;
ii) Visiting graduate students, researchers or mature scholars working with a Fellow of the College;
iii) Spouses or registered co-habiting partners of full members.

Associate MCR Member’s privileges:

 The right to dine in Hall (cash payments only), to use College laundry and secure cycle parking;
 College Visitor ID card (cannot be used for purchases);
 Use of the gym and squash courts (full members of the College have precedence);
 Use of the library and associated facilities for academic purposes (except during the Easter
term) and only with permission of the librarian, which needs to be sought separately;
 Use of the College facilities by agreement of the Graduate Tutors and Fellow in charge of the
relevant facility;
 Use of the MCR facilities at the discretion of the MCR Committee (full members of the MCR
have precedence);
 Use of the internet within College on the same fair use policy as applies to students (advice
on connecting to the internet within College can be sought from the IT office).

Duration and charges

 Payment will be taken per quarter (payment will be collected in November, February, May and August) and the minimum length of associate membership is six months.
 Maximum length of membership which can be granted at once is one year. College access will be set for this period. If you wish to continue to hold MCR Associate Membership after this time, please reapply.
 The membership fee for those in categories i) and ii) above (for example, former College members and visiting researchers) is £90 per year (£22.50 per quarter).
 Membership for those in category iii) may be available at a discounted rate. Discount rate applies for student partners who are a) unwaged or b) students themselves. The rate is £30 per year (£7.50 per quarter) and requires a Tutor’s confirmation to approve.
 Additional charges will apply to issue the replacement of a lost College Visitor’s card

Additional notes

 The Associate MCR Membership is open to a maximum of 20 applicants per academic year.
 The applicant cannot be affiliated with any other College.
 Applications by those in categories i and iii can be supported by any full member of the MCR,
or their spouse/ partner, as relevant.
 The visiting graduate students or mature scholars who are working with a Fellow of the
College (category ii) can be supported by a Fitzwilliam Fellow.
 The MCR Committee reserves the right to revoke the Associate Membership in the event of
a breach of College regulations.

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