Apply for a Fitzwilliam Society Grant

Would you like up to £2,000 for a Fitz student organisation? Last year,
a number of graduates and undergraduates seized the opportunity to apply
for a grant from the Fitzwilliam Society; four were successful, leading
to the purchase of stuff and enhancements to projects that they didn’t
think they could afford. They were:

  • The Allotments Society for a mini-greenhouse
  • The Arts Society for a digital art system
  • The JCR for music/disco equipment
  • Footnotes for a special issue.

More information and guidelines for the grants can be found here
and an application form here. Deadline for applications is
February 14th, so you have a bit of time to dig out your wish list and
fine-tune possibilities with your friends and colleagues before
submitting your applications. The JCR and MCR Presidents will be holding
some information events during the Lent Term when you can discuss your
ideas and ask questions, so look out for those.

The Society’s Grants Subcommittee is really looking forward to
learning about your projects. Good luck to all applicants!

Rachael Webb
(1979 Natural Sciences)
Fitzwilliam Society President

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