Equality and Diversity


The MCR believes that welfare and equality are priorities in a student’s life. You can contact the members of the MCR Committee, and in particular, the Welfare and Equality officer, if you are concerned with anything and if you have welfare related questions. We are always happy to help, whether that’s lending a listening ear, or putting you in touch with wider support networks.

Sometimes it might not be easy to ask directly, therefore here we provide you with a list of welfare contacts around Cambridge and the University. One of the services that the College (through the MCR) offers to students, is the possibility to request condoms, non-latex condoms, lube, dental dam and pregnancy tests. Here is the link to the online ANONYMOUS form: http://mcr.fitz.cam.ac.uk/links/welfare-requests/

You will be asked to enter a UNIQUE 5 digit PIN. This will be written on the envelope containing your requested items and placed (within 1 week) in the MCR pigeonhole for collection.

The MCR is a community of students where each and every one is given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinion! Therefore, not only do we really appreciate your active involvement and participation in the events we organise, but we also highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Here you have the possibility to leave a comment, make suggestions, give your feedback concerning Welfare and Equality. For example, if there is a particular issue you would like to raise or if you are (un)happy about something, you can tell us here. Your voice will be heard!

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