Run for the Committee

The MCR is run by a committee of 16 Master and PhD students at Fitz. At the start of the academic year and halfway through, there are elections through which you can join the committee!


It is a great way to contribute to college life. Many students will be grateful for your effort. Depending on the role you choose, you can work behind the scenes with the college to improve Fitzwilliam forever or work with other committee members to organise a wide range of activities for MCR students. It is a great way to make a group of fantastic friends, in the MCR committee, but also with the whole student body, college staff and academics. A unique life experience!


It does not matter if you are just new at Fitz or are here for already quite a few years, or if you are only here for one year or for multiple years. 


If you are interested, contact the president or anyone else on the MCR committee!

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