College Swaps



When we dine at another college it is known as a Formal Swap. It is the ideal occasion to check out another college’s MCR and food. You will receive an email regarding the formal swap from the social secretary organising the event. They will inform you about time, place, dress code, whether you are permitted to bring wine or if it is supplied with the price.

Payment for a formal swap is by cheque made payable as indicated in the email informing you of the swap. If you do not have a cheque book please arrange for someone to write a cheque for you or get a postal order from the post office. Write your name on the back! Cheques should be placed into the pigeon hole of the social secretary who sent the invitation mail no later than the time indicated by the social secretary.

If you have put your name down for a formal but cannot attend usually someone from the waiting list can take your place and pay for the ticket. If there is no one on the list and you can not find a replacement yourself, you will have to pay for the ticket. Social secretaries are responsible for the payment of formals to other colleges – they shouldn’t have to pay for the tickets out of their own pocket. So, if you’re on the list for the dinner, you are responsible for the payment to the social secretary. Unfortunately if you fail to pay for a booked ticket we will not be able to invite you to a formal swap again.

You can only book a ticket for yourself. Guests, either from within the MCR, Fitzwilliam or outside can not be booked. People who have not been to a formal in the term in question will be treated preferentially.

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