The MCR prides itself on having one of the best social calendars in Cambridge. There is at least one large social event a week, even during vacations, and at peak times as many as four. There is a MCR formal dinner several times a term, formal ‘swaps’ which involve having dinner at other Colleges, fancy dress parties ranging from themes such as ‘Toga’ to ‘Cowboys and Ninjas’, whisky tasting evenings, movie nights, BBQs, garden parties, outings, real tennis sessions, the ‘Cabron’ football club, and more. The list goes on and with our members’ enthusiasm for new and unusual events, different activities are being added all the time. Fitz MCR is also dedicated to its members’ academic achievements. We have recently introduced a series of academic events, including talks by prestigious academics and trips to sites of cultural interest such as the Tate Modern and Ely Cathedral. On top of that, we host two annual graduate conference in which we showcase our academic projects, and people from the same subject also exchange tips and advice on their work. We also take pride in the tradition of fine music at Fitzwilliam and have regular MCR salons with College Fellows. Check out the events page for upcoming activities.

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