Welcome to the MCR!

“Ex antiquis et novissimis optima”: the best of old and new.

We represent the postgraduates at Fitz

The MCR committee sits on College Committee meetings almost every week, so your concerns will never go unheard! The MCR can influence every aspect of College life from pastoral to academic to housing.

Accommodation for every postgraduate

There are many rooms types to fit your needs and graduate housing brings our community that much closer!

Interdisciplinary Academic Exchange

The college is the place to meet people from a totally different field than yours. This results in conversations about things that you did not even now existed!

Broad range of events

The MCR is one of the most active ones in Cambridge, organising activities such as tea, research talks, movie nights, formals and parties.

Past: the oldest and most diverse MCR

Fitzwilliam and its postgraduate community have quite a unique history. Fitzwilliam was founded in 1869 to make it possible to join the University of Cambridge for those who could not afford it. Our roots as an institution that promotes access for academically excellent students remain in our identity today. It gives us a reputation as one of the most international, diverse and welcoming communities in Cambridge. Fitzwilliam was also the first college to admit postgraduates who did not do their undergraduate in Cambridge. As a result, our postgraduate community, the Middle Combination Room (MCR), is the very oldest one in Cambridge. It produced many notable alumni despite the relatively young history of the college, such as 6 Nobel Laureates, Prime Ministers, the former King and Queen of Spain, revolutionaries and CEO’s (the CEO of Aston Villa F.C…). We keep close ties with our alumni, and they are often invited back to Fitz to tell their story.
MCR Bops
MCR Bops
Unique and themed parties that bring the Grove or Reddaway rooms alive!
Other MCRs open their doors, giving us a great tour of their Halls and taste of their cuisine! We gladly welcome these Colleges back to Fitz.
Graduate Conferences
Graduate Conferences
A Fitz Graduate Conference is held each term for graduates to present to the wider College community and peers.

Present: welcome home

Fitzwilliam is a medium-size college, with the perfect balance between undergraduate and postgraduate communities, both of a similar size. It has all the historical traditions, but also the benefits of the present. Unique to Fitz is that all postgraduate students are offered accommodation on the main site or close to Fitz. As a result, we benefit from a tight-knit postgraduate community which works hard but plays hard too!

The centre of the Fitz postgraduate experience is the brand-new Middle Combination Room (MCR) in the Grove, where Darwin’s wife once lived, located in the centre of the college. It is a cosy place for tea-breaks, reading a book, movie nights, casual studying or BBQ’s on the patio.

The MCR student committee, represents the entire Fitz postgraduate student body towards college, supports all postgraduates in their college life and organises a broad range of activities, such as drinks on the lawn, parties, movie-nights and academic conferences. The Fitz MCR is known to be one of the most active and social MCR’s in Cambridge.

Fitz is also a sporty college, large enough to host almost any sport you can think of: such as rugby, football, hockey and of course rowing. Some have a strong reputation in winning intercollegiate tournaments!

Equally, the music scene at Fitz is vibrant. You can join several groups playing different music styles, and we have weekly recitals, culminating in the termly Graduate Salon and a yearly Fitz Opera!

Future: it’s green and with you!

We have beautiful gardens (in some parts you can even grow your own food!), populated by a great variety of animals (such as squirrels, birds, the college fox, and hedgehogs). Fitz has the ambition to be one of the most environmentally friendly colleges, characterised by green investment policies and carbon offset schemes. You are or can become part of this! We hope to welcome you, as past, current or future student, in the MCR community for many times to come!

Applying to Cambridge? Want to know what a College is all about? There are 31 but why choose Fitzwilliam? ...

Well, have a look at our brand new MCR video! We are excited to show you why so many Graduates are happy to call Fitz their home! And keep coming back ;)

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