Welcome to the MCR!

Our new MCR film gives a glimpse into the amazing and unique life of a Fitzwilliam Graduate. Have a look and see how all your questions can be summed up in 3 minutes!

We lobby tirelessly on your behalf

The MCR committee sits on College Committee meetings almost every week, so your concerns will never go unheard! The MCR can influence every aspect of College life from pastoral to academic to housing.

Accommodation for all

Fitz is famous for our graduate accommodation. There are many rooms types to fit your needs and graduate housing brings our community that much closer!

Academic support around every corner

The MCR is committed to helping you achieve the main reason you are here ... your academic success! We have graduate conferences and Peer-mentoring, giving you the platform to develop key areas for your research.

Great events that have been tried and tested

We all need a break sometimes and we get that at Fitz. Our MCR committee is hard at work to bring you an event almost once a week! The options are limitless and you can have your say. Many friendships start here, and our events are full testament to this!

Let the MCR be your home away from home

Famous alumni include Norman, Lord Lamont and former Chancellor. Others include a Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, Nobel prize winners, bishops, battle of Britain heroes, revolutionaries and the guy who invented Big Brother. Since Her Majesty the Queen granted Fitzwilliam its current status by charter, Fitzwilliam's association with royalty has continued. HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a frequent visitor to the College, their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain are honorary fellows (watch out for the King of Spain's tree in the grounds) and their son HRH Felipe, Prince of Asturias, Crown Prince of Spain is our patron.

They made it their home and the MCR will help you make it yours! MCR members have a passion for fostering student involvement and growth, and will be here to support you every step of the way.

Diverse range of events

MCR Bops
MCR Bops
Unique and themed parties that bring the Grove or Reddaway rooms alive!
Other MCRs open their doors, giving us a great tour of their Halls and taste of their cuisine! We gladly welcome these Colleges back to Fitz.
Graduate Conferences
Graduate Conferences
A Fitz Graduate Conference is held each term for graduates to present to the wider College community and peers.
  • Truly international experience

    We dare you to search Cambridge for a College more diverse than Fitz, and if you do find one, perfect ... We taught them well! The Fitz MCR has a reputation of having a strong international graduate community and we are certainly proud of it.

    Our international events allow us to showcase the breadth of cultural experience amongst us and celebrate. The College is very supportive of the promotion of a diverse graduate experience and the MCR does its best to fully welcome all to the College, regardless of background.

    We not only have an International Officer on the MCR committee, but we also have Welfare and Accommodations Officers that are trained in inclusion by the University to support your needs here at Fitz.

    What's on at Fitz ...

    Applying to Cambridge? Want to know what a College is all about? There are 31 but why choose Fitzwilliam? ...

    Well, have a look at our brand new MCR video! We are excited to show you why so many Graduates are happy to call Fitz their home! And keep coming back ;)

    Watch on Vimeo for HD quality

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