Meet the Committee


Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a first year PhD student studying Physics in the Sensor CDT. Outside of the lab, I enjoy travelling, playing netball, and reading.

Social Sec

Hi I’m Liliana, one of your Social Secretaries. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture. Before this, I studied architecture at the University of Bath and gained valuable experience during a two-year period working in London. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, I’m eager to blend my international perspective with my architectural expertise to improve the social spaces and experiences at Fitzwilliam!

Environmental Officer

Hi Fitzbillies! I’m Will and it’s a privilege to be your Environmental Officer this year. I’m an LLM student, particularly interested in environmental law. When I’m not doing MCR things I enjoy walking, singing, playing sports and pursuing environmental justice.

Social Sec

Hi! My name is Louisa. I’m a Dutch MPhil student studying Classics. I also did my undergrad at Fitz and just wasn’t ready to leave the college yet! My hobbies include rowing, crocheting and learning new languages. I’m looking forward to organizing many fun activities as Social Secretary.

Academic Officer

I am Soura, serving as your academic affairs officer. As a PhD student specialising in cancer immunotherapy, I find happiness in immersing myself in nature, engaging in photography, enjoying movies, and tackling puzzles. My primary goal is to offer you comprehensive academic support from the Fitz MCR. Please reach out for any academic or career-related matters. I wish you all a prosperous and successful career ahead.



Hi everyone! I’m Awais, the current MCR Treasurer. I’m from Glasgow and am currently a part of the CDT of Future Propulsion and Power, where I’m pursuing my PhD. We want Fitzwilliam to continue to be a fun, welcoming, and inclusive postgraduate community! Everyone’s always happy to help out in any way they can, and we’re here to plan loads of fun events running throughout the year. Do reach out if you want specific events arranged or want to talk about turbofans:)

Vice President

Hey, I’m Patrick, a third-year PhD student in nuclear engineering. When I’m not stuck in the lab, you’ll find me hitting the gym or playing the violin. I have a passion for travelling and will take any excuse to explore beyond Cambridge!

Social Sec


Lilien Ezeugwu is an experimental artist and budding scholar from Nigeria. At the University of Cambridge, she is pursuing an MPhil in African Studies, with focus on African Art History. Prior to joining Cambridge, Lilien was the Director of a Lagos-based Art Therapy club, an open centre for various forms of artistic expression for children and adults. Inspired by her background and experiences, Lilien intends to explore the transition of African Art in relation to climate change and technological innovations.

Welfare Officer

Hello everyone! I am Stefanie, an MPhil student studying History and Philosophy of Science, particularly computer history. As one of the welfare officers, I hope to support you and organize events that might relieve your mind of the usual stress of term time. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Social Sec

Hey everyone,

I’m Alex and am currently doing the MPhil in Environmental Policy and also one of our new MCR social secretaries. We’ve got a few things planned and hope to see many of you at the running dinner across Cambridge, our MCR garden party and the reverse dinner with which we want to say thanks to all the people that keep Fitz running. Definitely let me know if you have some cool ideas on how we can make everyone’s time here at Fitz even better.



Hey everyone!
My name is Laura and I am a 3rd Year PhD student in Aerospace Engineering. As MCR Secretary I oversee the communications within the Committee and with the wider college community. I am a big aviation nerd and I also enjoy reading, arts and crafts and hiking.

Technical Officer

Hi – I’m Dan, a fourth year Medical Student. In my spare time, I enjoy training at the gym, hiking and dancing. This year I will be your ‘chief’ (and only) technical officer, so let me know if there’s anything technology related I can improve at Fitz.

Access Officer


Hi! I’m Lianna (she/her), your Access Officer. I’m an MPhil student in English studying Filipino diasporic literature. I’m from the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA, home to white sandy beaches, cobblestone streets, and very big white whales. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat ideas, thoughts, concerns, or any access-related events you’d like to see at Fitz!


Welfare Officer
Social Sec

Greetings! I’m Agne, an MPhil student in Biological Sciences. I’ve seen the incredible impact a supportive community can have on your university experience and that’s why I’ve taken on the role of Social Secretary! Beyond my passion for biology, I also enjoy board games, hiking, and arts. I’m excited to share these interests with you at upcoming events in our beautiful college!


Social Sec

PhD candidate in statistics and keen to keep fun events happening at Fitz for the MCR. Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or requests!

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