Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

The MCR at Fitz is committed to being an inclusive, respectful environment where everyone can feel safe and welcome, and where the diversity of our community is celebrated. The MCR Committee stands by these ideals and champions them through its efforts to represent and look after the postgraduate community at Fitz.

In spite of its efforts, the MCR Committee is aware that discrimination, harassment or even sexual misconduct events could still be experienced by a member of our community. This is completely unacceptable and the MCR Committee is devoted to being a source of support and guidance should this ever happen. The Committee sincerely hopes this will never be needed by anyone, but should something happen confidential support is always available through the Access and Welfare Officers.

Support is also always available in college from the Graduate Tutors, the Chaplain or the college wellbeing coordinator (wellbeing@fitz.cam.ac.uk). The university offers support and guidance as well, through the University Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor (https://www.counselling.cam.ac.uk/sexual-assault-and-harassment-advisor/) and other wellbeing resources (https://www.studentwellbeing.admin.cam.ac.uk/). Another available source of support is nightline (https://cambridge.nightline.ac.uk/), a student-run ‘active-listening’ organisation.

The support resources mentioned above can be used for incidents of any kind, regardless of whether they happened at the university or not. In addition, complaints mechanisms for harassment and sexual misconduct are also available in Fitzwilliam College for actions perpetrated by Fitz students or staff. Should you want to find out more about them, the posters included in this page have been prepared to give you the guidance you need. The University of Cambridge also offers reporting procedures for incidents of harassment or sexual misconduct that involve either university staff or students; these are briefly described in the posters, which will direct you to other pages where you can find out more information about this.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding this information, please do not hesitate to get in touch: mcr.access.officer@fitz.cam.ac.uk (MCR Access Officer), mcr.welfare@fitz.cam.ac.uk (Welfare Officers).



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