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What is the Fitzwilliam Society?

  • The Society keeps members, past and present, in contact with each
    other and with the College for mutual benefit.
  • All Students and Fellows, past and present, are members of the
    College; all Students, past and present, who have paid a life
    subscription are members of the Society. All Fellows are Honorary
    Members of the Society during their Fellowship.
  • The Society is administered by a Committee of elected alumni,
    ex-officio members, and life-Vice Presidents

What does the Fitzwilliam Society do?

  • Recent initiatives include the Grants Programme and Careers Fair
  • Longer standing projects include contributing to the publication of
    the Fitzwilliam Journal, which is free to all members
  • Funding awards, scholarships, prizes and debates via its Trust Fund
    (separate from the more socially focused grants programme)
  • Fronting the London Dinner, London Drinks and the annual College
  • The Society is indebted to the College and the Development Office
    for providing financial, organisational and administrative support.

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