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Welcome to Sports & Societies at Fitz!

There are many activities on offer to you in our lively and welcoming Fitz community, and beyond! You will find more information at the Freshers’ Fair (2nd October 2022, 4-6pm, Upper Halls), and the Sports & Socities Fitzwilliam College webpage. We’ve also collected bellow some of the opportunities.

For more information, feel free to contact Maya Hodgson (, President of Sports & Societies.

Happy browsing!

Fitz Sports and Societies





Fitz has recently been very successful in athletics, winning Autumn cuppers in 2019. We always enter a large team, whether you’re aiming to be the next Jess Ennis or just fancy giving it a go you’re always welcome to compete. Fitz Cross Country team was revived recently, and has been very successful. There are two races in each of the first two terms, one of 5 miles (3 for women), and a relay of 2-2.5 miles per leg.


Badminton (Men’s, Women’s and Casual)

Fitz has its very own badminton court and a friendly club running weekly practices. All standards of player are welcome – we run social sessions as well as team practices – and you can come along as often as you wish. Each year, Fitz enters both Men’s and Women’s doubles teams into the intercollegiate leagues, as well as entering Cuppers. Casual members gather once a week in the auditorium, while the men’s team participates in at least one game per week against other colleges, as well as Anglia Ruskin University, in addition to weekly 2 hour training sessions, which may take place either in Fitz or in the university sports centre at West Cambridge.


The Fitz Basketball Club was set up last year comprising a handful of students who enjoyed playing basketball. As such, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and informal. We compete against other colleges in the college basketball league. No matter your skill level, if you think you might enjoy playing basketball, you’re welcome to come along!


Fitz has dominated the intercollegiate cricket scene in recent years, winning all four Cuppers competitions from 2016-19. We schedule fixtures around exams throughout Easter term and it makes for an excellent break from work, with plenty of opportunity for those of all cricketing abilities to shine through a range of ‘friendly’ fixtures against other colleges, local teams, the staff and the old boys. Winter nets take place during Lent term and will be rigorously observed for the slightest hint of hand-eye co-ordination.




We are the newly formed Fitz branch of the Cambridge University Dancesport Team!  If you’re interested in learning any style of Ballroom or Latin dance (cha cha, jive, waltz, quickstep… basically anything you might see on Strictly Come Dancing), we encourage you to ask about joining a practice. The Cambridge Dancesport Team organise lessons and competition teams from beginner to national level, so everyone is welcome. There were no competitions for a promotional video this year, but here is last year’s compilation of the type of dance we learn.


Men’s 1st and 2nd teams –  Fitz is THE College if you want to play competive college football, winning silverware as part of a friendly, inclusive team. We have been nicknamed the “Fitzvincibles” having won the league in 2016/17 and 2018/19, and Cuppers three years on the bounce in 2017-19, being cheered on by a 100-strong fan base in the finals. Fitz’s 2nd also continues to perform strongly, demonstrating the traditional depth and strength of Fitz football, in 2019/20 being the only non-1st-team in the 2nd division. The secret to our success? A great balance of regular weekly training, tactical thoroughness and a fantastic team spirit, galvanised through the occasional “Pizza and Pints” night, and always playing for the badge.

Men’s 3rd team – Fitzwilliam College Thirds Football Club is a spiritual home. A mecca for the humble Fitz student who just wants to kick ten bells of crap out of tinpot Cambridge College sides. A place where boys can become men, and men can climb over the wall or into the hedges to fetch the ball. We are Orange. We will always be Orange. Thirds was created by players and will always be run by and for players. No training, just turn up to the mostly weekly matches. And kick the ball. Simple.

Women’s – At the Fitz/Corpus Women’s Football Team people of all skill levels are welcome. We meet once a week to train and play competitive or friendly matches on weekends. Each member can come to as many or as few sessions as suits them. Socials, like our curry night, and a friendly atmosphere make this a great way to meet amazing new people from Fitzwilliam as well as Corpus Christi. We had a great season last year having moved up in the league tables and now have Cuppers in our sight!

Trinity-Fitz, coined ‘Titz’ is a joint-college hockey club! We play weekly games against other colleges in both men’s and mixed games. We have a range of abilities, and we would love you to come and give hockey a go if you think that you would enjoy it!

What I love about College hockey is its casual nature; how you can still play weekly games of Hockey in a semi-competitive setting, but without the degree of commitment that organised team sports usually bring. I think we have a very welcoming atmosphere and I would love to see some new faces this year!
We have been successful in College hockey in recent years, winning the College league in Michaelmas Term, and then ‘Suppercuppers’- a match against the College league champion of the Oxford Uni league- in Lent!


Lacrosse (Mixed)
Fitz has an enthusiastic and rapidly growing mixed lacrosse team, which is great fun both on the pitch and on the social scene; it is a joint team with Murray Edwards and Peterhouse so is a great way to meet new people outside college, as well as a perfect place for a run out on a Sunday afternoon. Saying that, we had a great run in Cuppers last year and we come away with many a win in our weekly matches! It can be as relaxed (with just the occasional game) or as competitive (train and join the Uni Team- which is even more fun) as you like, so get involved!


Ladies’ – Netball is one of the biggest societies at Fitz and has great team spirit. We play weekly league matches (on Saturdays or Sundays) from October to March, and are looking to repeat last year’s impressive league and Cuppers performances in the upcoming season! Netball at Fitz is friendly and enjoyable, with the perfect balance of fun and serious. It is open to all levels and you do not need to trial to participate, so please come along!

Mixed – Mixed Netball at Fitz is friendly and relaxed. Players of all abilities are welcome, whether you have some experience or have never played before! We play one match per week, which we don’t take too seriously, with many players learning the rules as we play. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date as matches are announced.



Fitzwilliam College has a free Pool table located in the JCR, as well as a Pool team that regularly enters into the College League as well as the Cuppers Tournament, and were able to play against the other colleges in Division 1 last year. The Fitz Pool Team welcomes players of all levels of skill and commitment and encourages all players to enjoy the game. We’re hoping to keep our spot in Division 1 this year with the classic Fitzwilliam grace, skills and banter.


Men’s – Fitzwilliam College, founded in 1869, has established itself as Cambridge’s top sporting college, dominating Football, Cricket, and Hockey over the past decade. This is now true for Rugby, as the FSCRUFC secured a historic double in 2020 – winning both Division 1 and Cuppers – validating Fitz as Cambridge’s top rugby college. Modern-day successes echo historic ones and FCRUFC alumni includes Alistair Hignell (England), and Eddie Butler (Wales and British Lions) who spoke at the club’s annual ‘Old-Boys’ fixture and AGM. The club is proudly partnered with Sidney Sussex College, with whom many players have established firm friendships. The partnership, now in its fifth-year, has also allowed the FSCRUFC’s 7s line-up to flourish taking nine members of the squad to the United States on tour playing Harvard, MIT, and Princeton. The tour translated into victory in the annual intercollegiate 7s competition that year. Full-squad tours also occur annually, and the team has recently travelled to Slovenia, Spain and Sheffield. Closer to home, social events are staged in Fitz’s rugby bar – the only designated College rugby bar in the University – built by members of the college in 1970 to remember alumni who lost their lives in WWI. These include post-game socials, international screenings, and termly Beers. The bar sits with the team’s clubhouse on Oxford Road pitches, maintained by Groundskeeper Dave Norman, which is considered the best quality pitch in Cambridge. The club welcomes players of all abilities and experienced squad members, including Blues, LX, and U20 players, are always keen to help others develop their game. Find regular updates on our Facebook page.

Women’s – Women’s rugby is a rapidly growing sport that can’t be recommended enough! There are no college-level women’s rugby teams however there are at university level (CURUFC Women). There are three teams (lions, tigers and jaguars) so there will be always be a fit for you depending on level experience you have and time commitment you want! No experience is necessary, and it’s easy to pick up!


Fitz Boat Club (Facebook page here, look up @fitzbc on Instagram) offers students a completely new opportunity, and encourages current athletes to train at a high level. In Michaelmas term we aim to put out three men’s and three women’s novice crews, plus at least one senior crew on each side. Each boat contains eight people plus a cox (who steers and shouts), and is coached by senior members of the club. Throughout the year you will train with the senior squad and be coached by external professionals in order to race. The highlights of racing are the bumps, which involve catching the boat in front whilst being chased by boats behind. Aside from the sport aspect, FCBC offers a variety of social events including the Boat Club Dinners each term, and gives students a great way of meeting new people from throughout College and Cambridge as a whole. Have a look at our promotional video here!

We will be hosting a few taster sessions at the start of this term, these are an opportunity for anyone who is interested in rowing or coxing during their time at Fitz to try it out and see if it is for them!



Squash (Men’s and Women’s)
Fitzwilliam College possesses two of the best courts in Cambridge. The courts are available for all to use, and can easily be booked in the Porters’ Lodge. The college will be entering several teams into the intercollege leagues (which are incredibly friendly, and non-pressurised), and in the cuppers competition, for both men and women. Fitz has a history of high performing squash teams; both men’s and women’s firsts will be pushing for cuppers glory this season. All standards are welcome so don’t be put off giving it a go if you’ve never played before. The teams will even have access to subsidised coaching starting next year. Squash is among the most relaxed of the team sports in Fitz and games are arranged to suit both teams. You can of course play squash at Fitz without being part of the teams – if you don’t have a racket there tend to be one or two kicking around at the Plodge, or you’ll probably be able to borrow one as lots of Fitz undergrads have their own.


Skiing (The Varsity Ski Trip)
For Varsity Ski – find the College Rep at the start of the Michaelmas Term.

The Varsity Ski Trip is the annual Cambridge and Oxford University ski trip and is the largest and oldest trip of its kind in the world. This coming March from 19th-27th over 3000 students will travel from Cambridge and Oxford to Tignes. Every year Fitzwilliam has a great turnout of numbers to the trip with students of every year attending. On the trip aside from skiing there is yoga, après, mountain meal, bar crawls, bingo, opening and final night parties and of course the Varsity Races. Over this term there will be some promotional events to get to know others attending the trip.

Please also join the college Facebook group here to stay up to date with any new information or promotions.



Table Tennis

Fitzwilliam has one of the strongest teams in the University. Over the last year the team was brought back and has reached the finals of both Cuppers and University League. Nevertheless all levels of players are welcome specially beginners. Training happens regularly through the year during the weekends. We have a great squash court with an excellent table tennis table and multi balls for fast pace training. So we guarantee that after learning the basic movements it will be a good cardio exercise.


Tennis (Men’s and Women’s)
Tennis fields strong Mens’ and Ladies’ teams that compete in Cuppers each year and there is plenty of opportunity to play socially as well. With our own hard court at Oxford Road and three more grass courts in Summer term, facilities are excellent and the club places great emphasis on everyone getting involved, whatever your level.


Ultimate Frisbee 
We are an Ultimate Frisbee team which participates in the college league. Every weekend we organise a match against another college team across the university, a good hour’s worth of relaxed, fun, outdoors exercise. Winter (indoor) and summer (outdoor) cuppers are organised which bring together every team across the collegiate university for a day of playing ultimate. Through all these activities we provide the ideal introduction for the University-level Ultimate team, Strange Blue, which have created this video to explain Ultimate.
Your college team, The New Thundercatz, represent six colleges (St Catharine’s, Trinity Hall, Fitzwilliam, Girton, Caius and Magdalene) so it’s a great chance to meet players from other colleges and play a competitive sport in a highly spirited manner.
If you’re interested in joining, please join our Facebook group here.



Water Polo
Water polo is a thriving sport at Fitzwilliam. We compete in college league as well as cuppers and have recently achieved many successes. This squad is accessible to all members of the college and is comprised of individuals of a variety of skills and experiences.


The musical life of Fitz is incredibly active and varied, and there is always an opportunity to get involved. The first event you’ll want to know about is the Freshers’ Concert at 7pm on Monday 10th October, when we’ll be welcoming both new and returning students. So, if you play an instrument or sing, or just want to break the ice, come along for a friendly and relaxed evening!
There are excellent practice facilities in College. Instrumental teaching is available in person or online; those interested should contact our Director of Music Catherine Groom for more details.


In addition, there are a wide variety of music groups based at Fitz.

  • The Chapel Choir is an auditioned choir which sings for the chapel’s choral service every Sunday, as well as performing at many of the college’s important events throughout the year. There is also the opportunity to sing secular music at concerts and garden parties during the year.
  • The College’s Music Society  regularly organises both professional and student concerts, and organises one of the best garden parties in May Week. Look out for our ‘Music on Mondays’ series at 7pm each Monday, including Freshers’ and Christmas Concerts, an evening of original composition and singer-songwriting & Fitz Swing’s 30th Birthday.
  • Fitz Swing is a 20 piece big band which, although based at Fitz, takes in talented players from all over the university. With frequent gigs, social events and tours abroad, it’s a great way to meet new people and have fun at Cambridge while at the same time playing some great music! Find us on Facebook here to have a listen to a track from our latest CD.
  • Fitz Barbershop is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-male a capella group sporting boaters, bow ties and impossibly garish waistcoats, seen performing at May Balls and all kinds of events around Cambridge. Though based primarily at Fitz, we attract some of the best male vocal talents from across the University to put our distinctive harmonious spin on anything from Disney to West Side Story to cheesy pop tunes. To find out more, have a look at our website and feel free to contact us through our Facebook page. If you have any interest in singing, we’d love you to come along for an audition!
  • The Fitz Sirens are Cambridge’s original all-female and non-binary a-cappella group, established long before Pitch Perfect thrust a-cappella singing into the spotlight! We are experts at mixing sass, style and singing and enjoy performing old barbershop favourites alongside arrangements of current chart hits. Our gigs, often shared with the Barbers, have included busking, formals, private functions, Fitz cheese and wine evenings, May Balls, and even tours to the Edinburgh Fringe and Jilin University, China! We are based at Fitz but have members from a range of colleges, making up a tight-knit friendly group of 10-12, typically from all years. We rehearse twice a week, devising cheesy dance moves as well as nailing our harmonies, and enjoy the odd social too. Auditions take place at the beginning of every Michaelmas term, and we are looking for lively, confident and committed singers. Musical qualifications and/or choral experience are not essential! Please get in touch via email or find us on Facebook if you have any questions.
  • MixBillys is a new mixed-voice acapella group with a relaxed and welcoming vibe. Singing an array of arrangments from folk to pop to classical, this will be a group where singing is a form of relaxation and enjoyment and not a burden on its members in terms of time, commitment, or expectation.

To find out more about music at Fitz, contact our Director of Music Catherine Groom or Junior President of the FCMS Rebecca Severy Have a look at the FCMS Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter at @FitzCollMusic & @FitzChoir!


Academic Societies 
Most subjects organise social events at both a University and College level. Your Director of Studies or the older students will inform you of events in Fitz. Subject-specific talks are also often arranged by College and University societies.


Cambridge University Amnesty International is an active student society, that has been operating for over 40 years. Amnesty International is a movement of ordinary people standing up for humanity and human rights across the world. Our purpose is to promote human rights wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied. During term time, we meet regularly, holding weekly meetings at 5pm on Sundays in the Sidney Sussex JCR, and organising campaigns, and exciting speaker events. We hope to hold Amnesty formals, letter writing sessions and virtual events for Fitzwilliam, to fundraise and raise awareness for the movement.

Check out our facebook page here and find out more about getting involved with Amnesty at the Cambridge SU Fresher’s fair on the 4th and 5th Oct, 10am-4pm.


ArtSoc is a newly revived society at Fitz, which runs weekly art activities as well as providing access to the Fitz Art Room, which is managed by the society. We aim to provide a relaxing space for people of all abilities to try their hand at some art, running a range of activities from Pictionary & prompt weeks to museum trips and Bob Ross evenings.
If you’re interested in joining, or would simply like help with art room access or purchasing art materials, please contact us via our Facebook page.




Cambridge World Cinema Society (CWCS)
We’re a  university-wide society however we are based at Fitz with all of our screenings being shown within the college. We show a film every week of term time, usually on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. We aim to screen a diverse range of films made by directors from a variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds. We also host special film seasons, including our “queer turn-of-the-century” showcase we screened during LGBT history month last year, and our upcoming “indigenous cinema” showcase which will be screening at the end of Michaelmas term. See below details of our mailing list and social media as well as a link for you to chat with us during the societies fair. Through any of these you can find out what we’ll be screening over the next few weeks (our first screening is planned for this Wednesday).



Fitz Chapel 
Fitz Chapel is not exactly a “society”, but it is an interesting place to get to know. The Chapel is a wonderful building, but the people make it what it is! We are welcoming to all faiths. We have regular Sunday worship at 11 and 6pm in term-time, and midweek, which is Christian in tradition, but we hope to meet together at different times to support those exploring faith matters, or anyone who has no faith at all! The Chapel has a choir for those who like to sing, and we welcome all musicians. We run a crochet club as a weekly social event to get to know others, while sitting on a couch! Come and learn a new skill, as well as creating blankets for refugees, and having a chat. We are open to starting discussion groups and events or trips , so let us know what interests you and what you would like to see provided by Chaplaincy in the college.


Christian Union
FCCU  is a group of students who seek to make Jesus known in Fitzwilliam. We run weekly Bible studies in which we welcome anyone to come and join to explore what Christianity is all about. So if you’re a committed Christian or just interested what all the Christian stuff is about get in touch and we’d love to get to know you! We also run events throughout the year such as Text a Toastie and Summer Rounders (and we plan for some new things that are COVID safe!) so keep an eye out for those throughout term. We are also a part of the larger CICCU which runs across the university and runs larger scale events such as carol concerts and events week.



Fitzwilliam College Debating Society hosts a popular programme of fortnightly debates on a wide variety of issues. Our main principles are as follows:

  • To provide an accessible forum for students to undertake debating facilitate freedom of speech and the exchange of diverse ideas in a civilised manner which enriches the perspectives of all involved
  • To provide an avenue for expert external speakers on the topics we are debating to visit Cambridge and provide a more experienced perspective on the issues we discuss
  • To provide a friendly and accessible social forum for like-minded students (i.e. those interested in contemporary issues that shape society) from both Fitzwilliam College and the wider University be a location for members of the public to participate in debates as audience members, thereby helping to bridge the gap between ‘town and gown’

Our debates involve student speakers from all colleges and are followed by a short talk by an external guest, who in many cases also takes part as a debater.

For more info, have a look at our Facebook page!



Economics and Finance Society
Hosts regular events throughout the academic year accessible to all members of the college. These are comprised of a mix of academic and career focused speakers, as well as more informal gatherings, often accompanied by a formal hall.


Gardening Society
The gardening society is a small community at Fitz who meet informally to grow food, eat food and visits gardens. We have access to four allotment beds, seeds, plants and tools, as well as some indoor space. Everybody is welcome- no equipment or prior knowledge required!

If you’re interested in getting involved then you can  join our Facebook group.
Accessibility: There are no steps to access the allotments. The ground is uneven and mixed terrain. Outdoor chairs can be provided for seating.

Jack and Master
Jack & Master is an actor-musician theatre ensemble based at Fitz, run by Emily Beck (she/her, 3rd year Classics at Fitz). For our purposes, an actor-musician is someone who uses acting and music together to create theatre (you could be an actor who plays an instrument, an instrumentalist who acts or something in between the two, but crucially you play at least one instrument).
We want to make a supportive environment in which you can learn about and explore actor-musicianship practically. The theatre we aim to create is joyful, organic and playful, using acting and music not to compete with but to inform and develop one another. Basically, we want to focus on the process of making theatre and put less pressure on the end result!
Come and audition for our showcase!


Jewish Society
The Fitz Jewish Society (JSoc) is a society for celebrating and engaging with Judaism whilst at Cambridge, and developing a social network of Jewish students at Fitz and across the hill colleges. We provide a pluralist and inclusive space for Jewish people of all levels of observance. Throughout the year, we host events to celebrate jewish festivals, and host an annual formal (with Kosher food provided!). We can also help with accommodating religious observance in college. We’re open to all people joining and anyone interested should get in touch!

Feel free to have a look at the following links for more info:




History Society
Fitzwilliam College History Society hosts exciting events and socials involving leading historians and provides academic support to students.  Find our Facebook page and Facebook group with these links! (Sign up via our Facebook group)



Horror Society
We are the Fitz Horror Society! We are a group of students who enjoy all things horror, thriller, and gothic, be that literature, games, or movies. We hold weekly virtual screenings of horror movies followed by a discussion and a short review from each person. Our sessions are relaxed and informal, so if you enjoy horror and would like to join a low-pressure social society, then sign up and come along for one of our screenings!


Medical and Veterinary Society
FCVMS is a society that represents the medical and veterinary students of the college. We host regular talks and social events for students and an annual society dinner in Lent term. While most of our members are medics and vets, we also offer membership for students taking any other subject who might be interested in the life sciences. We have a range of resources available that support our members undertaking any of the MVST 1A/1B subjects or any shared Natural Sciences 1A/1B subjects.
Find us on Facebook here.



Natural Sciences Society
The Fitzwilliam Natural Sciences society acts to both support and run events for both Natural Sciences students and anyone interested in science. From providing academic resources to running talks and events, the society aims to be useful and fun for all. (Stash is also planned!)
If you’re interested in getting involved then you can find us on Facebook .


Fitz Theatre is Fitzwilliam College’s society dedicated to the performing arts. Whether you’re interested in drama, comedy or musical theatre, being on stage or working behind the scenes, Fitz Theatre is the place to let your creative imagination go wild. Through a mixture of productions, showcases and workshops we aim to create an inclusive and innovative space for theatre at Cambridge. Past productions include Greek tragedy ‘Medea’ and ‘All the Jingle Ladies’ – a Freshers’ Sketch Show – and future performances could range from Shakespeare to fresh, new student writing. So get involved!
Find a poster with more info here. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram so find us there!

University Sports and Societies


University-wide clubs and societies are organised by the Cambridge Students’ Union and the University’s Sports Service. Find a full list of University sports clubs here, and a full list of all other societies here.

The annual Freshers’ Fair (run by the Cambridge SU) and Sports Fair (run by the Sports Service) are being held online this year- see the following for more information:

Early in the year, trials will take place to join a University sports team. If you represent Cambridge against Oxford in a major sport, you get a Blue; other sports award Half Blues. Most Blues sports have second teams, so you may still get to represent the university.

For info and updates from the University Sports Service, have a look at their website and Instagram page

Other Information


Cambridge Student Subject Sharing (CAmSSS) is a Google drive folder with lots of educational resources. The main part of the CAmSSS scheme is an email database. This is an Excel spreadsheet where former and current undergrads (currently over 450) have shared their email address, what tripos and optional papers they did, and descriptions of themselves. These volunteers are willing to be contacted by email by current undergrads to give them help with their tripos and optional papers. For more info check out this article in the Tab.

How you can take part?
Email volunteers: Cambridge undergraduates who Matriculated in 2019 or earlier can still sign up as email volunteers to be added to the database here.
Pre-written anonymous advice: This can still be typed up by students here.


Information on starting your own society or project at Fitz

If you feel there’s something missing from that list above, you may wish to start your own society – click here to learn about starting a society of your own.

The Fitzwilliam Society Grants Programme:
Do you have an idea that would enhance the student experience at Fitz? It could be for an event, a well-being project, or to improve the activities of a new or existing club or society. Is funding not available from other sources? The Fitz Society is keen to help such ideas get off the ground, with up to £3,000 available for these purposes – follow these links for the guidelines and application form. We are particularly keen to encourage applications from individuals and informal groups in addition to those from established societies and clubs.

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