Booking links

Green and Blue Rooms

The Green and Blue Rooms are accesible through the corridor next to the toilets of the MCR and then up the stairs. The idea of the Blue Room is to act as a space to practice group presentations or for group projects and the Green Room for meetings. People who have booked the Green and Blue Room for meetings or group projects will have priority over those doing individual study. You can book these rooms by clicking on the following link:


The BBQ is also available for you to use! Same procedure: please book it using our booking form (under the BBQ tab).

Board games

If you’d like an activity to do in the comfort of your own house, the MCR’s board games are also available to borrow! There is a binder/clipboard next to the games with a log sheet so you can write down your name, crsid, board game you are taking out and the date you have returned it. Fairly simple but make sure you use it as that helps the MCR keep track of all the board games.

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