MCR Formal Dress


At the University of Cambridge you will be required to wear academical dress on several occasions such as matriculation, certain formal events and when you graduate. If you wish to come to formal College dinners, including MCR Formal Hall, you will have to wear a gown. The university outfitters A.E. Clothier, Ryder & Amies and Ede & Ravenscroft will be able to advise you best which gown you require. You can also hire gowns. However they are so frequently required, that most people own theirs. Most occasions where gowns are worn also require you to be smartly dressed. For gentlemen this means a shirt, tie and suit and equivalent smart wear for ladies.




Further information:

Fitzwilliam MCR is the only Oxbridge MCR to have its own tie. The tie features the college mascot, the billygoat, holding a scroll with our 1869 foundation date. Our heritage is further celebrated by using the original Fitzwilliam colour, cardinal red, as background. It is available from the Porters’ Lodge and is to be worn by members of the MCR, the most senior college officers and exceptionally distinguished alumni.

On very special occasions you might be asked to wear ‘black tie’ which is a dinner jacket, tuxedo or smoking for gentleman and elegant evening dress for ladies. When invitations at Fitz state ‘black tie’ this will be the preferred option of dress – you will never be forced to wear one!

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