Leaving Cambridge and have things to gift?

Hi all!!

It is the sad time of year when people start leaving Cambridge for bigger and better things (or holidays or jobs etc), but with that, there may be things that you no longer want but could be useful for incoming students or those who are staying here!?

Books, kitchen bits and bobs, mattress toppers, room decorations that made the place feel like home, the list goes on!

We (the MCR) are looking for more permanent storage space for this, but as people are already heading off, in the interim, if you have items you would like to donate to gift forward please bring them to the MCR and we’ll keep them here! Books can go in the bookcase in the TV room, and everything else can live (neatly) in the reading room!

Please only donate good quality, working items – this is not a disposal site! – but a chance to be nice to future MCR members! Items can also go to local charity shops including things like clothes. There is one on Histon road, others in town and a British Heart Foundation donation bin by the electric gate into college on Huntingdon road.

We can’t take items that you want money for, you’ll need to figure that one out yourself I’m afraid!

Happy Saturday,

Aisha (MCR Pres)

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