**Hedgehog Awareness Week** May 5th-11th

Dear Fitzbillies,
As part of the UK-wide campaign to help hedgehogs (launched by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society), we invite you all to celebrate the Hedgehog Awareness Week 2019(poster attached). Throughout this week, we´ll be posting and sharing basic information about these cute creatures, donation opportunities and different ways in which we can all help them thrive.
Considering that the hedgehog population in the UK has decreased in an alarming 50% over the past 20 years, just less than a million are out there fighting for their lives and battling with habitat loss, road traffic, litter, lack of water and food.
Make sure to check our social media accounts to become more aware about hedhehogs and learn how to do small things that can make a huge difference for them!

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I appeal to our environmentally-friendly minds and hearts to help us help them 🦔❤️

All my best,


MCR Environmental Officer

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